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Belinda Woods - Flutes

Mary Doumany - Harp




Saveja is the flute and harp duo of Belinda Woods and Mary Doumany. The duo explores and crosses the malleable boundaries between highly notated and improvised musics, utilising the capabilities of two extraordinarily versatile musicians. Belinda and Mary are composers and performers of works across many genres and enjoy combining the territories of these varied styles of music. Their works traverse many landscapes, capturing scenes of rich complexity and simple brevity. With unique approaches to their respective instruments, Belinda and Mary take the flute and harp duo to new levels, creating sounds and textures that are expansive, multi-dimensional and at times unexpected.

Fortunata is just a taste...

Samples from the full album can be found through the recordings tab above.


For digital downloads visit:

Bandcamp, CD Baby or itunes

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