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Bohjass are a spiritual free jazz band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed by composer and saxophonist Tim Pledger during the 1980’s Bohjass has metamorphosed many times with long time members Belinda Woods and Ali Watts joining in 1996 and 1998 and the current line up established by 2015. 

"Pledger's harmonies are so pungent they make you blush, and his tunes breathe, puffing themselves up and deflating in humorous mimicry of biological necessities...the usual distinctions between tradition and invention can't plot Bohjass. Maybe what's most admirable is Pledger's emotional investment in His melodies, his very unpostmodern absence of formalist justification."(The Wire)

Bohjass has released 12 studio albums; “it asks nothing” being the most recent release in December 2023 with a new Bohjass Upas Militia (bohjass big band) album being released in May 2024.

Bohjass began playing in Melbourne in 1994 playing Jazz clubs (Bennetts Lane etc), rock venues including The Espy, The Evelyn, Bar Open, Pony, The Northcote Social Club, a show at La Mama and around 2008 began a long standing and ongoing residency at Bar 303 on High St Northcote.

"Their long standing residency at bar 303 has created a vital outlet for creative expression, not just for the many, many members of the band both past and present but for a whole community of musicians that have grown around the institution that is 'Bohjass'." (

Bohjass have played many festivals including Falls, High Vibes, closing act of the 2008 Jazz Fringe, Folk Rhythm and Life, 303 Jazz Party and have played live to air on ABC Radio, 3RRR, 3PBS 3MBS and 3CR.

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