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"Belinda Woods is a sweet monster on the flute, the beguiling effortless of her invention masks the years of work, but years of work wont guarantee the edginess and clarity of her blissful execution. When she plays shes lyrical and feisty and marvellous." (


Belinda is an improvising musician/composer workng in Melbourne, Australia. Predominantly a flautist, Belinda performs as a soloist and appears in many ensembles including her own groups Lo-Res (six piece jazz ensemble) and Saveja (flute and harp duo), as well as Tim Pledger's Bohjass - of which Belinda has been a member for 28 years, Ali Watts' Slipper, Kirsty Pittman's Samassin and James Hullick's BOLT Ensemble.


As a soloist Belinda has developed an array of extended techniques which inform her 'sound' and performances as an improviser and interpreter of composed music. She has been invited to perform in Festivals across Australia, Japan and Europe as well as independently curated events in Melbourne. Belinda's work as a session musician has seen her record with many outstanding artists of various genres including pop legend Cat Power, songwriters Ned Collette and Martin Mackerras, the aforementioned composers and bandleaders as well as sound artists Philip Brophy and Graeme Croft. Her discography here pans out to include dozens of albums.


A PhD graduate of the VCA, Belinda was the recipient of a 2015 Creative Victoria Scholarship for excellence and a 2009-2012 APA recipient as well as being selected as a finalist in the 2011 APRA Professional Development Awards. Belinda explores the use of texture and contour within her compositions and improvisations to paint scenes of rich complexity, focusing on the acoustic nature of her instrument. Belinda also extends her abilities towards the composed music of the 20th and 21st centuries, the structure and innovation of which she draws into her own improvising and composition. Artistic director of the Make It Up Club from 1998 – 2007, and Project Manager through 2010-2016 for the Click Clack Project and Jolt Arts, Belinda has played a major role in supporting and enhancing the development of the local music scene, uniting the works of professional musicians with those of emerging artists and underprivileged individuals.

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